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Poop Emoji Pillow by Binchy_Inchy. Fandoms: Initial Work

Poop Emoji Pillow by Binchy_Inchy. Fandoms: Initial Work

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Other
  • Complete Work
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Ignis Clink/Lamp
  • Kuso Makura
  • Ignis Clink
  • Lamp
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  • Poop emoji pillow
  • Inanimate Object Porn
  • Inanimate Items
  • Object Penetration
  • Pillow – Freeform
  • Grinding
  • Light Angst
  • Mild Hurt/Comfort
  • Slurs
  • LGBTQ Themes
  • Lgbtq slurs
  • Objectophilia


Kuso is a guy whom lives in a homely home together with his older sis Shisuta. He could be a man that is fairly successful who’d a wholesome sex-life and constant earnings before COVID-19 hit. Their cousin implies he hilariously do something foolish, in which he goes along side it simply for shits and giggles, but eventually ends up going too far together with his very very own dream.

Gun control by Fluffy_the_beowolf

Fandoms: RWBY

  • Mature
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • F/F
  • Complete Work
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Ruby rose/Crecent Rose
  • Ruby Rose (RWBY)
  • Yang Xiao Longer
  • Crecent Rose
  • Inanimate Object Porn
  • Exactly What Have I Done
  • Incest?


We welcome one to one of the only cannon vessels, actually my favourite ship, Guns’n’roses or Ruby Rose x Crecent Rose.

This possibly element of a larger whole, either way, enjoy.


  • Component 2 of discord dares

Language: English Words: 278 Chapters: 1/1 Commentary: 2 Kudos: 6 Hits: latinas in heels 205

  • Apollo Justice Takes Charley Siri-ously! By Altamont (a1tam0nt)

    Fandoms: ???? | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney

    • Explicit
    • Significant Character Death
    • Multi, Other
    • Complete Work
    • Significant Character Death
    • Chaarii| Charley (Gyakuten Saiban)/Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice
    • Chaarii | Charley (Gyakuten Saiban)/Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice/ Monita | Widget
    • Chaarii| Charley (Gyakuten Saiban)
    • Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice
    • Monita | Widget
    • Threesome
    • April Fools’ Time
    • Funny
    • Crack
    • Crack Addressed Really
    • Intentionally Written Poorly
    • Terrible Euphemisms
    • Mpreg
    • Post Mpreg
    • Vore
    • Character Death
    • Pregnancy
    • Coming and going essentially
    • Oral Intercourse
    • Smut
    • Rectal Intercourse
    • Inanimate Items
    • Inanimate Object Porn
    • Basically every warning


    Apollo and Charley get fully up to more late-night antics, alongside a specific AI associate.